How to Find The Terminal Courier Of Your Order

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The terminal courier that makes the final delivery may occasionally switch, especially for international shipments. This is a relatively common practice in commercial logistics that streamlines the shipment process to capitalize on shipping speed and efficiency. Many orders are handled by private couriers (such as DHL, UPS, or Pitney Bowes in the United States), but the final delivery will typically be made by the local postal service.

Because of how shipments are handled, we recommend contacting the terminal courier directly should there be any issues with delivery. Having the tracking number and shipping address ready when reaching out will expedite the process.


Below are some examples on where the terminal courier can be found.


In the shipment details, there is an entry that says “Delivery by [terminal courier]” should the terminal courier end up handled by another party. The hyperlink will lead you to the terminal courier’s tracking system.


If the tracking number is a 22-digit beginning with the number “9,” the terminal courier is with the United States Postal Service (not to be confused with UPS!). This tracking number is trackable within the USPS system, and any inquiries with delivery may be handled by local USPS post offices.

Orders from China

For orders sent from China, please check our China Shipping Outline page for more full details on how your order is handled.