The Amicus Plush, now shipping inter-galaxias!

The cuddliest emperor in the universe is back. Amicus stands 12" tall, with gold plated jewellery and even smells like lavender. Now shipping internationally.

International orders open until June 15, shipping in July. [US orders later this year]

Give him a hug today!

Cooper Krager reporting in.

Your faithful escort is ready for this mission to get up close and personal… now that he's freshly showered, that is.

Features a cheeky design by @BorkThunder on a soft 2-way material.

Available today!

Take Senpai on a sleepover that never ends!

The last of the Nekojishi trio is back in-stock in plush form! This 12" leopard cat features his casual outfit from the game, extra big ears, and a big floppy tail. In-stock today!

A sunny day is waiting for you!

Neferu's ready for some hands-on negotiation!

The Neferu Dakimakura is finally here! With original artwork by HAPS, this soft 2-way fabric daki is sure to ease your tensions. Forge an alliance between Khemia and your bedroom today!

Available now!

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