China Shipping Outline

This page is for customers who have ordered items specified to be shipped from China.

Below is a short FAQ explaining the shipping process that provides detailed information on what can be expected when tracking and receiving orders. We recommend reading through this page before submitting inquiries to our support line.

Who is delivering my package?

Tracking numbers for orders from China will often link to a third-party tracking site (e.g. 17Track) rather than the website of a specific courier. In order to determine the courier that will be making the final delivery to a shipping address, customers will need to find the tracking number for the final segment of shipping within the routing history. This number is commonly referred to as the “last mile number.”

In general, the final segment of the delivery will be handled by the local postal service (e.g. USPS in the United States). Searching the last mile number itself on 17Track will provide the name of the courier making the delivery.

Using the last mile number, customers may also track the package using web services provided by this courier (e.g. USPS Tracking®)

If the last mile number is nowhere to be found, it means that the initial courier has not yet begun to process the shipment. We ask our customers to remain patient as this information will be updated soon. 

Who do I contact if there’s an issue with the delivery?

If the package has already been handed to the final segment courier, please contact the courier themselves. For example, if the last mile number for USPS is trackable using the USPS website, please contact USPS for more information.

If the package has not yet been handed off to the final segment courier, please reach out to our support line for further assistance.

Why are logistics not completed by a single courier?

This is a relatively common practice in commercial logistics, especially for international shipments. Different couriers will have their own capabilities, and these efforts are combined to better streamline the entire process.

The situation is similar even for domestic packages shipped within the US—many orders are handled by private couriers such as DHL, UPS, or Pitney Bowes, but the final delivery is made by USPS.

Unfortunately, our Chinese logistic partners don’t have a very flexible system to display information, so we have the third-party tracking site 17Track display tracking information in a convenient manner for our customers.

What if it says my package is returned to the vendor?

If a customer’s package fails to deliver and is subsequently returned to the vendor, we will be unable to issue a refund for the respective parcel. Regardless of the reason behind the failure to deliver, we are able to offer one prompt reshipment. 

Pawprint Press is ultimately not responsible for any complications preventing the final delivery (i.e. incorrectly entered address, missed delivery, lost item, etc), and we recommend reaching out to the local courier to determine the next steps in such cases.