Shipping Policy

By purchasing products from Pawprint Press, you acknowledge and agree to the shipping policy below.


COVID-19 Notice

Due to the effects of COVID-19, shipping availability and speed may be impacted depending on the destination country. Please consult the parcel carriers serving your region for information on how COVID-19 may be impacting parcel delivery to your location from our fulfillment centers.

Some of our items are shipped from China where strict COVID regulations may be placed periodically. Should such situations unfold, we will be making the appropriate announcements to keep our customers informed. Please follow our Twitter for the latest updates in this regard.


Russo-Ukrainian War Notice

We regret to inform our customers that at this moment, we are unable to make shipments out to Belarus, Russia, or Ukraine due to our couriers having suspended their services to these destinations. We recommend following our Twitter account for the latest information on the logistics regarding the ongoing situation.

Fulfillment Centers

Pawprint Press offers shipping to the majority of countries worldwide, and most orders will be fulfilled from our logistics center in California. Items needing to be sent from a separate location will have details specified in the item listing description as seen here:



Customs Notice

All orders placed with Pawprint Press must include a valid phone number for the recipient in order to be processed. A valid phone number is necessary should any issues arise during shipping or customs inspection. Failure to include a valid phone number when the order is placed may result in your order being returned, delayed, or lost. 

If you need to make changes to your primary phone number before your order is shipped, please adjust your contact information using the “View your order” link in your order confirmation email.  

Orders bound for destinations outside of the United States may be subject to import regulations of the destination country. We recommend consulting your national import regulatory agency for information regarding import rules and restrictions. In rare cases, orders may require the recipient's intervention for the shipment to progress through customs inspection.


Processing and Shipping Times

The estimated shipping times will be displayed at checkout, and shipping times will vary by destination. Please bear in mind that items shipped from outside our main fulfillment center in California may take longer to process and deliver.

Pawprint Press will provide a tracking number when your order is shipped, along with information on how to track your order with the relevant shipping carriers.


Shipping Costs

Shipping costs are calculated at checkout and will vary based on destination country, parcel weight, and dimensional weight. Parcel weight includes the combined weight of the items included in the parcel, as well as any required packing materials. Dimensional weight is calculated based on the size of the packaging necessary for your order. 

Orders containing multiple items, especially international orders, may have considerably high  shipping costs due to the dimensional weight. We recommend customers to try splitting purchases into separate orders as this may help lower the total cost.

Pawprint Press will choose the most appropriate packing materials for your order to ensure items will arrive at their destination safely.