Regarding Pawprint Press Shopee Storefronts in Southeast Asia

To our customers in Southeast Asia,

We’re reaching out to our SEA community to fill you in on a couple details surrounding our partnership with Shopee, one of the largest platforms for eCommerce in the region. 

Pawprint Press has partnered with Shopee to open and maintain a shop for our customers in Taiwan, and several months ago, we received an invitation to a program called Shopee International Platform (SIP). By using this service, we were told that we could open storefronts localized for our customers in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. Given an opportunity for us to better reach some of our customers, we happily agreed to move forward with this plan.

Weeks passed, but we never received word on how to proceed with Shopee, and instead of being sent the framework to build our storefront for these local sites, we found that our Taiwan Shopee storefront had been copied to these sites. With various improperly translated text and the unauthorized editing of our store assets, Shopee did not turn to us for the inspection nor approval for the creation of these storefronts.

We attempted to reach out to Shopee regarding this matter, but their response was that this is simply how SIP is coordinated. We further inquired on whether or not we could modify the storefronts or at least instruct Shopee in correcting the mistranslations. We have not received an answer from them as of yet.

Because of the recent rising popularity of these stores, we felt that it was necessary to inform our community and apologize for the poor quality of the Shopee storefronts in these countries. We would like to further clarify that we do not currently have any control over the content on these sites, and if you plan to purchase from Shopee in the aforementioned countries, we strongly encourage you to review our main store at or our storefront on Shopee Taiwan (Chinese only) for complete and accurate item information before placing an order.

While the quality of these sites may seem suspicious, we want to reiterate that these storefronts are in fact genuine, and each of the item listings match those on our Shopee Taiwan storefront. We guarantee that items bought from these sites are authentic, and they are shipped directly from Pawprint Press; however, the store management and customer service provided on those sites are not controlled by us. If there are any concerns regarding your Shopee orders, please contact the respective storefront on Shopee, and if your experience is not satisfactory, our support line is always open at

Despite Shopee’s poor management on these sites, we have chosen not to suspend our partnership with Shopee in these countries because SIP runs their own logistics system, bearing all freight costs for the sellers on the site. This means that our customers can buy our products while looking forward to faster shipping times and more affordable shipping prices. We understand that international orders can rack up various costs in shipping and handling, and we want to provide a more convenient option for our customers.

Thank you for supporting our business, and we look forward to providing our community with more accessibility in purchasing our merchandise!


Pawprint Press


Below is a few links to the abovementioned Shopee SEA stores:

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