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Shipping Notices

[April 15, 2022]

Starting in Q2 2022, we'll begin shipping the majority of orders out of California. Some items previously marked out-of-stock while making this transition will be returning, and any orders held up by this transition will be sent. At this point, any product fulfilled from a separate location will be noted in its product description. It's been a long process, and after two years of COVID-19 impacts, our California shipping location will be returning to a fully operational state!

On the other hand, our Shanghai, China warehouse will be halting services indefinitely, as the dire COVID situation continues with numerous lockdowns and restrictions set in place. Additionally, the slow and unresponsive logistics in China did not work in our favour. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this, and any changes to our service in this region moving forward. Service to customers in China and neighbouring regions will continue to be available without interruption, shipping from California.


Amicus Plush

[April 15, 2022 Update]
With the success of the presale for the Amicus Plush, we will begin heading towards production. As stated on the product page, we estimate shipping to begin at the end of Q2, but this may be affected due to the stringent lockdowns in Shanghai and other regions of China. We'll strive to work around these restrictions where appropriate, and keep you all updated.


Amicus Kigu

[May 6, 2022 Update]
We've released a separate update and notice here. Please refer to this page for subsequent updates.

[April 15, 2022 Update]
For orders of the Amicus Kigu, we understand that the original shipping time of March is now overdue, and we apologise for the extended delay. The impact of the lockdowns in China have fortunately allowed us to use this time to complete a comprehensive quality check for the entire batch. Currently, we estimate that the Amicus Kigu will be sent 2-3 weeks from now. Customers with additional items in their orders will have those orders split into two parcels, with the Amicus Kigu being shipped separately.


Coach Harold Plush


[May 4, 2022 Update]
We've released a more detailed account of events here. Please refer to this page for subsequent updates.

[April 15, 2022 Update]
While orders for the Harold Plush have been sent to logistics, many of which were successfully fulfilled and shipped in March, several orders are still awaiting shipment. We've been making strides to resolve these unsent orders with our logistics partners. If you're an affected customer, be sure to check your tracking number for updates.


Ranok Plush

[May 4, 2022 Update]
Since the beginning of 2022, mandated lockdowns were set in place in several major Chinese cities, and as a result, Pawprint Press has been forced to suspend all operations in China, including our online store on Taobao. Ever since the Spring Festival, the restrictions prevented us from accessing our original Shanghai warehouse, where parts of the Ranok Plush are stored. From our other releases to product restocks, the critical situation we've been placed under has also affected the rest of our store. We'll continue to update as the situation progresses.



For orders containing any other items, we're reaching out daily for news regarding fulfilment and shipment from our logistics partners. We understand the inconvenience and uncertainty this matter has posed, and we are working on resolving the situation. Please stay tuned on our social media for updates regarding fulfilment.

We'd like to thank all of our customers for your continued patience and support throughout the global supply chain crisis. For any inquiries, please feel free to reach out to us on the store site, or contact us at


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