Amicus Kigu Notice

[August 23, 2022] UPDATE: This update is for all remaining customers with orders containing the Amicus Kigu.

We have successfully sent out all remaining orders containing the Amicus Kigu, and tracking numbers have been sent to the email addresses provided on the order. The tracking number can also be found on your account dashboard when logging into our store site.

We would like to apologize once again for the immense delays in the fulfillment of your orders, and if you have any questions or concerns in regards to your order, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

With all current orders sent out, we now have a very limited number of Amicus Kigus in the Large size remaining. Since we do not have plans to reproduce this product for a period of time, any customers who are looking to order the product in this size may consider purchasing it before it runs out of stock.

We would also like to emphasize again that the Amicus Kigu is to be shipped from China, and a longer delivery time (2-4 weeks) is to be expected.

Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout these inconveniences - we very much appreciate it!


[July 11, 2022] UPDATE: All orders containing the Regular size (with the exception of a few specific orders) have now been shipped out. We will soon be moving forward with the fulfillment of all orders containing the Large size Amicus Kigu.

Thank you for your patience!


[June 29, 2022] UPDATE: We have resolved our logistics issues and the Amicus Kigu will begin to ship out shortly. In order to streamline the process, only one size will be sent first, with the other to follow suit. We will post another update once all pre-orders are sent off. Additionally, our remaining unsold stock will be put on sale in a limited capacity at an updated price. See below for more details.

As we are still unable to utilise our warehouse in Shanghai, we currently do not have a location for storage and fulfilment. As a result, we will begin sales through a 3rd-party logistics provider for the remaining products. Please note that placing new orders for these Kigus may take a longer time to process due to their current location.

We also want to let all new customers know that the price for the Amicus Kigu will be adjusted from $49.99 to $69.99 USD from here on out. The original price was set back in 2020 during the product design phase, but with increasing production costs and various unforeseen events in the following year, all of these contributed to a turbulent financial situation for our team. With these situations in mind, we made the tough decision under agreement with the licensor to increase the Amicus Kigu to a more sustainable price. We apologise for any inconveniences this may cause, and we hope you understand—prices changes like these are a rare occurrence and are only pushed through when absolutely necessary.

We want to apologise to all customers who have been waiting on their Amicus Kigu. Our search for a more reliable fulfillment method has finally been sorted out, and we look forward to sending each of our customers their long-awaited orders.

Please stay updated on this page for any future updates regarding the pre-orders for the Amicus Kigu.


[May 6, 2022] This update is for customers who have yet to receive orders containing the Amicus Kigu.

As mentioned in our previous notice, the production of the Amicus Kigu has been completed, and they are ready to be sent out. Unfortunately, the lockdowns mandated across many major cities in China have held for much longer than anticipated, and our operations remain suspended until further notice. 

Regretfully, the estimated 3-week period we gave in our previous notice won’t be enough for us to ship out your orders. The third-party logistics provider we’ve been working with hasn’t been communicating very well with us on the current status, and we have been reaching out for a response on a daily basis. We recommend reading into this notice for full details about the situation at hand.

In the meantime, we took this chance to hire a professional third-party organisation to perform an on-site inspection in order to address feedback we’ve received regarding quality issues with some units out of the previous batch. (If you'd like to download and view the full inspection report, click here.) For customers who have already received their Amicus Kigu, if you’ve found that there are issues with the quality of the product, please contact us with photos to find out if you’re eligible for a reshipment, when possible.

We’re currently looking for a separate logistics provider trustworthy enough to help us ship out this batch of kigus. In the worst case scenario, we would have to send our stock via sea freight to the California warehouse, but we want to avoid this option as we understand that our customers have been waiting long enough for their orders.

As we take responsibility for the unforeseen delays to this product, any affected customers who have yet to receive the Amicus Kigu are able to request a full refund; however, we want to ask that you exercise a bit more patience before making this decision as we’re still intent on resolving this issue as soon as possible.

We’ll continue to post updates as soon as they’re available, and if you have any other enquiries regarding your order, please contact us.

Thank you for your patience!



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