Become as warm as the Adastran wolf himself!

The Amicus Kigu is coming back!

Designed by @GotSomeHaps, this soft and cozy kigu comes in two sizes and is ready to keep you snug on your next space-faring adventure!

Available for pre-order with discounted shipping, releasing in July!

U.S. Pre-Orders open today!

Take home a big cat, or three today!

Each of the big cats from Nekojishi are back at Pawprint Press! These high-quality 180cm dakimakura covers feature soft 2-way fabric and plenty of details to make your favourite big-cat feel at home. In-stock today!

A sunny day is waiting for you!

Having company helps at the end of time...

The cast of Remember the Flowers is here! This pin set is perfect to display, or store in your Axiom, with designs by Gray! (@graysheartart)

Available today!

Guardian spirit Munch is here to gobble up your troubles!

Cuddle, squeeze, and grow... that fuzzy feeling inside. The Munch Plush from Tribal Hunter is here, and it's massive— standing at over 40cm tall. Produced in collaboration with Melonsoda Soft.

Back in-stock and shipping from the US!

Gobble them up!

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