Hit the court in style!

The Extracurricular Activities Pin Set is out now!

Make the deciding point in the match of love! Features the entire main cast of Extracurricular Activities across 9 high quality metal pins with designs by @BriarsThorne.

In-stock today!

Available now!

Hustle on over to the Stag!

A window into Echo that will never leave you... The Nikolai Diorama, from The Smoke Room is out now!

With illustration by @badstranj, this diorama features five acrylic set pieces, along with a reversible outfit for Nikolai!

Now in-stock!

Order today!

Axel's made some time in his schedule, just for you.

Although, 'some time' is often never enough...

The Axel dakimakura, from Remember the Flowers, is out now! This 180cm dakimakura features a huggable design by BorkThunder on a soft 2-way material.

Now shipping worldwide!

Where the Demon Lurks arrives at Pawprint Press!

Trying to find your way back to the Underworld isn’t so bad with these magical misfits around...

This set features three large 8cm acrylic keychains with designs by @Komboocheee. Take the denizens of Kibbleton home today!

Available now!

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