Guardian spirit Munch is here to gobble up your troubles!

Cuddle, squeeze, and grow... that fuzzy feeling inside. The Munch Plush from Tribal Hunter is here, and it's massive— standing at over 40cm tall.

Produced in collaboration with Melonsoda Soft and in-stock today!

Back in Stock!

Take Senpai on a sleepover that never ends!

The last of the Nekojishi trio is back in-stock in plush form! This 12" leopard cat features his casual outfit from the game, extra big ears, and a big floppy tail.

Take Senpai on a drive today!

Dive into a sea of lavender!

After its long-awaited return, the Amicus Dakimakura is back in stock! Bring home this handsome space wolf today, with quality soft 2-way fabric and original illustrations by HAPS! Back in-stock!

Give your wolf a hug!

Open up with the Spencer Plush!

The Spencer Plush from Extracurricular Activities is here and ready to slam a perfect score in your heart.

Including both his athletic and work outfits, with a strapping design by Totemmo.

In-stock and available today!
Coach Harold Plush also back in stock.

Pair up for a doubles match today!

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