The Hip's cuddliest man is at your service!

This 12" tall Samuel plush is the perfect companion for a night in. Includes two "double eagle" metal coins and a pouch for your trip out of town. Featuring designs by @Totemmo.

Some US only pre-order units left!

Hop on!

Guardian spirit Munch is here to gobble up your troubles!

Cuddle, squeeze, and grow... that fuzzy feeling inside. The Munch Plush from Tribal Hunter is here, and it's massive— standing at over 40cm tall. Produced in collaboration with Melonsoda Soft.

Back in-stock and shipping from the US!

Gobble them up!

Take hold, and let the cards guide your fall...

This decadent set features designs by Kousen Zephyr & Captain Nikko across 2 metal pins and 4 art cards with a metallic bronzed finish.

Limited pre-orders available until January 15th.

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