Counterfeit Product Notice

[June 7, 2022]

Dear customers,

We’re aware that some listings online have been selling counterfeit or otherwise bootleg copies of our products and designs, such as the Amicus Plush.

Buying such items does not support Pawprint Press or the creators involved. We strongly encourage ordering from us directly on our website ( or from Pawprint Press on Taobao. While official stock may not always be available, we cannot guarantee the quality, legitimacy, or delivery of orders for products that are not authorised, produced, or sold by us.

As a small business, we aim to protect our designs and strive for quality; however, taking down such counterfeit/bootleg products is no simple task. So far, we have identified listings on at least five separate sites. For sites within the US, we have issued takedown notices under DMCA law, and many of our requests have resulted in immediate action. However, as many of these listings originate overseas, we lack the capacity to enforce takedowns easily.

In the case of the Amicus Plush, we have observed more than a dozen stores selling the same counterfeit product. We do not know if this stock originates from the same entity or if multiple vendors are buying stock from the same factory. We do not have the financial power to pursue takedowns of these overseas counterfeit products, and we wish to inform our audience to stay vigilant to the existence of such products.  

Once again, we urge our customers to purchase our products directly from or from Pawprint Press on Taobao.

Thank you for supporting small businesses and creators within the fandom.


Pawprint Press