Munch Plush Order Updates (First Batch)

[October 22, 2022] We have confirmed that all orders for the first batch of Munch Plushes (orders before Oct. 1) are now en route, and many have already been delivered.

Orders still on the way may encounter issues due to the sheer size of the shipments, and we will be keeping an eye on these packages. Once all orders for this first batch of the Munch Plush have been delivered, we’ll be making one last announcement to confirm.


[October 13, 2022] We are aware of the issues surrounding delayed fulfillment of orders for the Tribal Hunter Munch Plush, and we are working on sorting out the situation.

While fulfilling orders for the Munch Plush, we noticed unmoving orders back in late September. Due to the holiday at the beginning of October, communications with the courier unfortunately did not proceed until recently.

As it turns out, the dimensions for our packaging were within the size limit (albeit right to the max dimensions), but the courier was having trouble with air cargo, causing fulfillment to move slowly.

We’ve now confirmed that most orders are now on the way, but some still may not have active tracking records. We’re working on getting these last few affected orders sorted out, and we hope everyone’s orders arrive ASAP!

Additionally, since the Munch Plush is being sent from China, be sure to check out our newly-updated China Shipping Outline page for any questions you may have. If you have not received an email containing your tracking number, please reach out to us for more information.

Thank you for your patience on this matter!