Q: My SF Express tracking number comes up with an error when I use it. 

A: SF Express sometimes takes several days to begin updating their tracking information. This is typically due to the time it takes them to both receive the order, and enter its information into their system. Please let us know if the problem persists for more than a week after shipping. 

Q: I need to change my address, email, or the items included on my order!

A: Let us know as soon as possible. We can’t edit orders after they’ve been shipped (or after 90 days). You can contact us here.

Q: Are you going to restock X item?

A: If it’s still listed on the store, the answer is most likely yes. You can follow us on twitter, or add yourself to the mailing list on the bottom of the website (this will automatically send you email updates for restock announcements and new items).

Q: Where can I get a pillow insert to fit the 180x60cm dakimakura?

A: The best option is probably searching dakimakura-specific websites for the proper insert sizes. We’ve prepared a list of potential options for you to purchase your own. Of course, we can't personally vouch for each of these since we haven't tried them all ourselves, so feel free to check customer reviews for the sites in case you buy one!

Q: I bought an acrylic item from you, and it looks like there’s scratches on it. What gives?

A: All of our acrylic items (keychains, stands, etc) have a protective layer of film on them to prevent damage during shipping. If you don’t take this film off, you may have the appearance of nicks and scratches on your product. Use your fingernail or a flat edge, and gently peel the film off.