Amicus Plush Production Updates

[Dec 2, 2022] UPDATE: A lockdown has been enforced at our storage location, and we will be taking this time to verify all shipping addresses.

We have received word from the factory producing the Amicus Plush’s jewelry pieces detailing that the lockdown enforced back in October has continued into December with no sign of lifting. We weren’t expecting for the lockdown this time to extend for such a long period of time, and unfortunately, this means that we are unable to meet the previously-estimated November fulfillment date.

We would like to issue an apology for yet another delay. We don’t have an estimate on when the lockdown will be lifted (as that is for the government to decide), so we can only wait for time to tell. We will, however, be taking this time to properly verify our customers’ shipping addresses.

Our past experience fulfilling a previous preorder product yielded many orders with address changes we weren’t informed of, and as a result, we eventually encountered problems on such orders. With this in consideration, we want to prevent any miscommunication on your order’s final destination, so we’d like to prepare for the upcoming large shipping volume by optimizing the fulfillment process to prevent potential delivery issues.

Below, you will find a link to our Address Verification Tool. Please follow the instructions to ensure that your address is successfully verified. Should there be any issues during this process, please contact us at any time.

Address Verification Tool

Thank you for your cooperation, and we’d like to extend our apologies once again for the delay. Our team will continue to monitor the situation as time goes on, and we’ll be updating this page with any new information.


[September 6, 2022] UPDATE: Production for the Amicus Plush has begun!

We’re glad to finally announce that production for the Amicus Plush is now underway, and our manufacturers are working hard to have this batch completed as soon as possible. We’re looking forward to a smooth fulfillment schedule as soon as it’s complete, and we’re hoping that we aren’t faced with more unexpected lockdowns in the area.

We’ll continue to update this page as we receive more information. For any questions, please contact us via our email at


[August 11, 2022] UPDATE: We’re glad to be moving forward with the production of the Amicus Plush, and we’ve just recently received the latest sample from our manufacturer. Check it out here!

With that, we want to apologize again for the delays on the Amicus Plush. We’re working hard despite our setbacks, and we’d like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

We’ll be getting ready to begin mass production very soon, and we’ll be posting another update by then. Stay tuned on our social media for the latest announcements!


[July 2022]

Today we’re revising the estimated delivery date for Amicus Plush presale orders to Q4 2022 due to the unexpected closure of one of our manufacturing partners.

We wish to give ourselves sufficient time to work with a new parts manufacturer and ensure the same high quality our customers have come to expect. Ideally, we hope to be able to deliver sooner than our estimate.

Additionally, the lockdowns in China have, and continue to disrupt our production roadmap. Although difficult, we strive to push through these complications to finalise our pre-orders items and upcoming new releases. For those interested, please refer to the updates for other pre-order items during the lockdown phase: Coach Harold Plush, Ranok Plush

Originally, production for the Amicus Plush was to begin directly after presale orders closed in April. However, the months-long lockdowns in Shanghai and other cities delayed these plans, further resulting in the full shutdown of our operations in China and delays in the production of our unannounced products. 

When ready to commence production for the Amicus Plush, we found the accessories manufacturer on the Amicus Plush had closed their business due to the on-and-off lockdowns. As such, we have sourced a substitute manufacturer, and as of this update, the prototyping process is still underway with them. We’re also taking this opportunity to improve on some of the issues we received from previous feedback.

Other aspects of Amicus Plush production are proceeding smoothly, and we have secured a new location for our business. To that end, we are thankfully able to resume operating in both the United States and China.  

Customers with multiple items in their orders will have those items shipped out separately. Keep an eye out for any email notifications or tracking numbers for these orders. 

If desired, Amicus Plush presale customers are eligible for a refund, however expect a longer processing time on refund requests. We appreciate your consideration in this regard as we navigate this difficult situation. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!