Amicus Plush Lavender Pouch Changes

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Since our last batch of the Amicus Plush in early 2021, many of our followers have been eager to see the Adastran wolf return to our store. We’ve been working in between our latest plush releases to get him back in stock; however, we want to make new customers aware of a design change beginning this next batch.

After consideration— current and future releases of the Amicus Plush will include an artificial lavender scent bag within them, rather than the natural dried lavender of the initial release.  

We felt this option was the most practical after considering a few important factors:

  1. Compared to natural lavender pouches, the artificial lavender pouch’s scent is longer lasting and easier to keep consistent without being affected by varying harvest, transport, and storage exposure times. 
  2. Some of our customers have allergic reactions to natural lavender, which presents as an accessibility issue.
  3. And while it caused no issues in the past, using real dried lavender technically violates import customs for certain countries. A number of customers expressed their concerns about the possibility of the plush being intercepted by their country’s customs, and we felt it would be best to work towards avoiding this situation entirely. 

After bringing this up in a Twitter poll, we have the confidence that the majority of our audience would be receptive to this change. And while minor, we understand that it may be disappointing to some who would rather opt for the earlier design. In the end, we feel this is the best way to make the Amicus Plush more accessible to more players.

We hope those waiting to bring the Adastran wolf home get their chance soon! (Be sure to give him eight years worth of hugs!) As always, for any questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to us on the store chat, or contact us at

- Pawprint Press